RING THE SILVER BELL: The Alice Slone Story
Nancy Kelly Allen
first biography in the
for readers ages 8 to 88
Intermediate and middle school readers will treasure the
story of this real-life adventure.

In RING THE SILVER BELL, award-winning children's book
author Nancy Kelly Allen tells the courageous true story of
Kentucky native Alice Slone and her dream of getting an
education. Slone's journey carries her from her childhood
home on Caney Creek to the busy streets of Cleveland,
Ohio, before calling her back to the mountains of eastern
Kentucky to teach others. Believing that "great works can
be done by the people of the mountains," Slone sets out to
expand her dream. She is creative and tireless in building a
school on Lotts Creek during the Great Depression,
opening up to future generations of mountain children the
advantages of higher learning. RING THE SILVER BELL
establishes Alice Slone as an authentic hero of Kentucky
and a role model for Americans everywhere.
Where in Kentucky are Lotts Creek and Cordia?
They are in Knott County, in the mountainous
southeastern portion of the state.

How did Alice develop her plan for the settlement school she founded?
She studied other settlement schools, and she visited Hull
House, the historic settlement house in Chicago that was
founded by Jane Addams in 1889.

What's so special about a settlement school?
Settlement schools are more than just schools -- they are a
vital part of a community and offer learning experiences for
both children & adults.

Nancy Kelly Allen enjoys digging up facts
and weaving them together to tell the life
stories of people who intrigue her. She
finds research fascinating because
something new is always out there waiting
to be discovered. Entering the minds and
hearts of the subjects of her biographies
has taught her to appreciate going back in
time to places in history that can only
visited through literature.

Her careers as a social worker, teacher,
and librarian have provided a creative base
to nurture her love of putting pen to paper.
Nancy is the author of several children’s
books. Her picture book, On the Banks of
the Amazon, won the Appalachian Book of
the Year in children’s literature.

Nancy was born in Kentucky and lives in
the same log cabin in which she grew up.
She has a master’s degree in Education
from Morehead State University and a
master’s in Library and Information
Science from the University of Kentucky.
She lives with her husband, Larry, and her
two canine writing muses, Pippin Pooh and
Harrietta Scattercat.
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Ring The Silver Bell
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