The OneQuill Project
What you require is a professional publishing consultant.
The OneQuill Project exists solely to provide technical assistance
to writers wishing to self-publish and maintain control of their output.

With our expertise in layout & design,
we can get your book affordably & professionally published,
taking care of the
technical work you either can't do or don't have time for.

We're the publishing
consultants.  YOU are your own "publisher."

You own ALL copyrights to your work, and you own the books themselves ...
maintaining your own inventory, pricing, marketing, etc.
We do the initial setup, pre-print, printing/binding & reprints on request.
You (a) pay us for our service, (b) sell your books, and (c) keep all the profit.

We provide neither literary agent nor marketing/distribution services.  
We simply take care of the technical business of
shepherding your words from your pages/files all the way through
pre-press and, finally, printing/binding phases of bookmaking.

We do it all inexpensively.  

You can order in any quantity after the first order.
(First order = 50-book minimum required -- at production cost + shipping)
Reprints are a snap, and your book never goes out of print.
Our books are high-quality trade paperbacks with full color gloss covers.
(Hardcover option is available but necessitates a larger press run and a longer turn-around time.)

Contact us about your publishing project.
Free estimates.
Here are a few of the OneQuill Projects we have facilitated for clients ...
                         WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW TO CREATE YOUR BOOK:
1.  How many pages in your single-spaced manuscript?  

2.  Will you be able to provide the ms. to us single-spaced as a Plain Text or Word file?  (If yes, avoid special
fonts or page formatting.  We need just simple, single-spaced text.  It flows into a professional layout file much
better that way.)  If no file is available, we will add the cost of typesetting.

3.  Do you have a cover design in mind, or will you allow us to create one for you as part of the package?  (If using
your own cover design, you will need to provide us with a high resolution file/rendering of the photo/art.)

4.  How many copies of the book do you want us to produce for you?  (You don't have to start with a huge number.
 You can always get more copies reprinted later at nominal cost.  You might start with just the minimum 50.)

5.  Will the text in the ms. file be edited exactly as you want it to appear and will you do your own proofreading -- or
will you require additional editorial assistance from our staff?  
(If we provide editing, proofing or typesetting, we
charge the number of hours it takes at $35 per hour. But be assured: we never "pad" hours, and we work fast.)

6.  Is there a particular deadline by which you want to have your book in hand?

7.  Will you provide a Table of Contents (either in the book or as separate guideline) that indicates the order of
placement for poems/stories/chapters in the book?

8.  Do you have a title in mind for your book?  What is the subject and/or genre of your book?

9.  Are any illustrations required for your book?  Are you providing images in high resolution digital files (.jpgs
at 300 d.p.i.), or will you provide
originals and have us scan them?
Our business was founded by a Kentucky
woman whose family has a four-generation
history with publishing and literacy in the

We operate on the premise that we will always
provide great quality work at reasonable cost.  

We're very deliberate in cultivating friendly,
fair and professional dealings with each of our

We'd enjoy being able to help you create your
book.  Let us know if you are interested in
working with us:

If you'd like to have us put together a cost
estimate for you, please provide the
information requested elsewhere on this
webpage.  If you'd be willing to send us your
manuscript file, we'll be glad to look it over as
we figure your cost estimate.  

Be assured that we have no desire to "steal"
your work.  That's just
not how we do things.
We rely on the time-honored Golden Rule --
a version of which exists in every ancient and
modern culture on earth.

If we can answer any of your questions as you
plan your project, please do let us know.  
Once you are officially onboard with us,
we'll advise you at every step along the way.

Thank you for your interest in what we do.

              --The One Quill Project Team

If your book has at least 50 pages, it will be perfectbound -- that means the binding will be similar to
any trade paperback that you might purchase in a bookstore.  
Your book will probably be either a 6x9 or 5x8 format with a full-color gloss cover
(although other sizes are available).  
The press/bindery subcontractor we use does a superb job.  
You'll end up with a professionally manufactured book that you and your readers will be proud of.   

If your book has fewer than 50 pages, it will have a
saddlestitch (stapled) binding.  
This is often preferred for short poetry chapbooks.


The OneQuill Project is your consultant, not your publisher.
If you want to include credit/copyright for your own publishing imprint, we'll do that.
YOU own the books and control your literary rights!  
That means that you will make all the profit from both wholesale and retail sales
because you are in control of your own distribution process,
rather than having to take a
percentage of sales.  
Many 'first book' authors like this feature best of all.
(And it helps to recover your production cost faster.)


A full color cover is part of the usual, affordable package.  
Bear in mind, however, that using color on inside pages becomes more expensive.


We require a 3/4 deposit of the cost estimate at the beginning of the process,
and the balance is due at time of delivery.  
Once the cost of the initial layout/design/editorial work is covered on that first press run,
you can order reprints from us at any time and in any quantity,
paying only for the production cost per number of books ordered, plus shipping/handling.

The OneQuill Project
can provide your solution for ...

> personal writing: poems, memoir, fiction, etc. <
> a memory book for a family reunion <
> an original gift volume for holiday giving <
> a professional handbook for a school or business <
> a community or church history <
> an anthology of student writing <
> a commemorative book <
> other publishing projects you dream of creating <
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Our consulting process is not automated by machines or technology.
You'll be consulting with a human being!
                           Sometimes it's just you and your pen.  
That's the essence of your writing.  It's honorable work.  It's legitimate art.
You want to get your work in print ... but getting ripped off by a "vanity press" is the last thing you need.