Learning About Lincoln
a teacher resource

Katie Fraser Carpenter
143 pages of lessons, activities, links,
resources, images and more

A Readers Theatre script your
students can perform

More than 35 images

Designed for cross-curricular use
(Social Studies, Language Arts, Drama, Visual Arts)

References academic standards for
all three Lincoln states:
Kentucky, Indiana & Illinois

Handouts, documents
and ideas for teaching about
the 16th President

Perfect for grades 4-8
Readily adaptable for high school, too

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for Social Studies
(c) 2011
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is a resource for teachers in grades 4-8. Because students understand more when
they can touch and feel and experience, the book contains activities and resources
for teaching about Abraham Lincoln using techniques from the Arts & Humanities
curriculum to engage students’ imaginations and to motivate them to want to learn
more about the 16th U.S. President. The material fosters deep understanding
through application and synthesis, rather than simple memorization of salient facts.
An extensive list of resources includes interactive websites, images, places to visit
and artifacts, as well as a number of excellent literary and screen resources.
A readers theatre script and more than 35 images are also included.
8.25 x 11
ISBN  978-1-934894-21-7