ISBN    978-1-934894-14-9
Fiction for young readers
104 pages
When Abby finds herself drifting
in and out of events from the
past, she enlists the help
of her best friend, Harper,
to figure out what to do.

Though Harper is at first
reluctant to believe the
strange tale Abby tells,
she can’t ignore the message
in her friend’s diary.  
The handwriting is Abby’s
but the voice belongs to
Eliza Hoskins, a Civil War nurse
who needs their help —
to save lives!
Here & Then

"Lyrical and beautifully crafted."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"Compelling .... Lyon's novel about ghostly encounters and transfigurations quite literally brings history to life."
-- Publishers Weekly

"Lyon's evocative style convinces...readers that extraordinary times lead to extraordinary events....
Movingly conveyed by a tightly woven plot and a strong sense of place."
-- School Library Journal

"Lyon has written an entertaining novel that will compel readers to stay with [it] to the end."
--Voice of Youth Advocates

"A deft and compact story.... One of the best time travel stories for young readers to appear in many years."
--Washington Post Book World
                 Travel back in time with a master storyteller ...
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